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Forged in the Fire

8 January
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A creature of the night who is looking to find her place in the shadows.
1950, 2nu, ab fab, adam ford, adrian edmondson, afl, alberto vargas, alt, ani difranco, art, arthouse movies, back scratches, bad habit, bdsm, beat poets, ben elton, black, black adder, black books, blood, body etching, bondage, books, bottom, braids, breath play, brisbane lions, brit comedy, brittas, burning things, candles, cars, castles, chinese food, chris barrie, coffee, coin-operated boy, comedy, cooking, cooking & eating, corset training, corsetry, corsets, cradle of filth, craig charles, cuts, dark rainy days, darkness, douglas adams, dragons, dresden dolls, driving, drop the dead donkey, dvds, edgar allen poe, event planning, events, father ted, fetish, fetish modelling, films, fire, firefly, french and saunders, futurama, games, girl anachronism, gothabilly, gothic architecture, gothic comics, goths, half jack, halloween, henna, johnny depp, joking, kink, leather, lee evans, lexx, lingerie, literature, love, lust, massage., massive attack, moby, modern cartoons, movies, murder most horrid, night, nude art, only fools and horses, penguins, pete & dud, phoenix nights, photography, poetry, poker, porn, portishead, pretty knives, pretty scars, radiohead, rain, reading, red dwarf, red wine, rennaisance art, rik mayall, rockabilly, romance, rope, roses, roses., scars, seduction, sex & the city, shiny things, sigur rós, skin two, smack the pony, spaced, striperella, tattoos, tattoos with special meanings, the brittas empire, the comic strip presents, the dresden dolls, the fast show, the jeep song, the smashing pumpkins, the vicar of dibley, time travel, tinkerbell, travel, urban myths, usa 50's cars, vampires, velvet, vintage lingerie, vintage things, waist training, wine, writing,